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Creative Direction

Eastpak x Stranger things

Working with VP Corporation, I was brought in to work with a designer for the upcoming Eastpak launch with Stranger Things.

Working with product designs, and a trailer for the new series, I was able to provide concept ideas, design direction and digital takeover ideas for the Eastpak site.

Concept idea

Eastpak pays homage to the 80s in the light of our Stranger things collaboration. We take a trip down memory lane and go back to the brand we were in the 80s.

Graphic direction  - Font, pattern, colours.png

Smooth and handwritten style for the font. Checkered patterns, neon colours, dark backgrounds set for a darker 80s inspired vibe that aligns with Stranger Things.

We were keen to include the colour palette from the collections and to lift it with lighting techniques to bring an 80's vibe.

Lighting Direction

Light should not be too bright but should set more of a ‘film’ mood and have something ‘threatening’ to it. A hint of a coloured light in the same direction as the colour pallete.

Website take-over - light.png
Website take-over - props.png
Website take-over - Photography.png

Photography Direction

We’ll have a Stranger Things take over on the Eastpak homepage and want to give an experience that sets the tone right from the start. A combination of collections will be shot in 80 setting and style.



A nod to the upside down world and the regular world. Using a sharp shape language used in Russian graphics

Visual direction - Website take-over.png

Website effects and animation

We gently introduced the upsidedown world  by bringing in snowy particles as a nod to the Russian setting, as the visitor scrolls down the page, the content images will glitch and text will flip.

Creative Director- Laverne Doughty

Designer & Art DirectorKelly De Brock

Digital Content Manager: Bryony Collingwood

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