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The Gadget Show

While working with North One TV and Channel 5, I worked as a web producer for the popular technology show 'The Gadget Show'. Looking after all things web, I would look after the social channels while the show was on air, creating a buzz and engage with followers. I would also take care of the episode web pages, to ensure the VOD and product details for each show were up to date. I would also research, interview and film new products for the website to make sure we covered new tech releases.

  Video production  

  Tech Journalism  

  Video editing  


Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 14.35.02.png

Each week I would create a video for The Gadget Show website, I would plan a few weeks in advance to see what the latest tech releases were, research them, get them in to test, write about them and film and edit the video for a top 5, highlight or comparison video. 

Occasionally, I would attend events and launches to cover new products and write a script to relay this in a video covering the event.

Gadget Show Live, a tech event organised by the show was also a big focus, I would interview each stand such as Microsoft, Samsung, Canon etc, to see what new tech they are showcasing and to learn more about those products.

I would also film the event, and create a highlight video which showed all the best bits from the weekend.

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