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  Concept Design  

  Art direction  

While at Dalziel and Pow, we were approached by Landmark Group to create a new store concept, we created a strategic vision to create a 'Beautiful life' destination for tech-savvy shoppers to explore, learn and witness a seamless omnichannel approach to shopping. The first store opened in Dubai Mall and the rest will open in the middle east thereafter.


As the Digital Creative lead on the project, it was essential that ideas that were brought forward were engaging, solving current needs for the business as well as the customer and most of all connected online to the store itself. 


This idea was designed to draw customers in with projected products on the pillar, then browse the extended range of products online a tablet designed for the store environment.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 13.28.26.png

As part of the consultancy we wanted to show our vision as close as possible, I was able to design and art direct our motion design to create the desired movement and interaction needed to give an example of the screen content.

In some stores there is limited space to fit all of Lifestyle's range, therefore creating a little hint of more of a range linking to the products online would be an ideal solution.

Designed to showcase the extended range online with and interactive touchscreen to discover and learn about other products.


Setting the scene we animated screens to bring each lifestyle set-up to life.


Designed to be shown at the cash desk, the projected offers, messages and offers animate in to engage customers, while animated textures complement Lifestyle's brand offering.


We introduced a central LED digital display was to draw in footfall and to help create a central zone for all things beauty, showcasing brand content, event details and Lifestyle brand communications.

Throughout the store our team worked together to integrate human experiences which would relate to our customers needs and wants with a lifestyle brand. For instance, lip gloss blending, candle scent mixing and a henna bar.


We created a store with zoning to create more space around each section to allow comfort while browsing. Each brand area could install their interactive mirrors, screens and tablets to allow customers to aid their purchase journey.

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