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While at Hugo and Cat we had developed a long-standing relationship with Sony, we became the key agency to develop product design pages for their new launch products at IFA and CES. We were also asked to shoot at the events to create buzz and bring awareness online.


As the senior designer on the account, art direction, storytelling, design leadership and vision were my key responsibilities. Working with several creative teams, illustrators, artworkers and developers, it was essential to keep the projects running smoothly and efficiently against tight deadlines, whilst ensuring creative boundaries were pushed to create compelling product stories.

Wireless speaker shoot

I was lucky enough to join the shoot in Tokyo Japan to help art direct the photographer, models and stylist to create the shots we had previously desired for our online product pages.


From time to time we would have to dust of out magical graphic tablet pens and work our skills to perfect a not so complete image. Artworking, retouching and colour correction is only a few of the tools we have mastered.


In-car audio shoot

We were asked to produce content pages along with creating the visuals for the pages. I was leading the team with the concept, vision and art direction for the shoot and the creation of the product pages.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 19.21.13.png

Take a look at the full range and product pages we produced.

IFA and CES Shoots


You can never have enough tech supplies, especially when working with Sony, this is Marko my fellow photographer and cinematographer. We would normally work together to capture the right shots, and retouch and edit them before uploading them online. Each year we have been pushing more creative content into our scope so we can show our true potential as well as what could create more of a buzz online.

We were lucky to be one of the few to be present during the launch events to photograph each event. We had access to all areas to film content for the Sony social channels and their website.

Each launch event we would prepare several new product pages for go live at IFA and CES. We put together a photo of the booth as its being built, which we then use our artworking wizardry to show a finished booth like this very image.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 13.44.51.png

Each event we also capture the buzz leading up to the event and during in form of a time-lapse video and photography. I was on hand to art direct the Videographer, so we could capture the shots required from my storyboard and to show the excitement from the event.

3 cups


3 cups


1 cup


2 tbsp.


1½ cups



Sometimes I've had to dj photoshop and our preview site to make sure we get the images picture perfect!

As soon as we have captured our shots, we make our selections with the client and upload them straight to the dedicated event page for visitors to view it for themselves.

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