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While at Hugo and Cat we worked closely with EON to support them in rolling out new technology initiatives, we were asked to create an energy monitoring app to work alongside a smart meter roll out.


Due to the extensive customer base EON has, we needed to make sure the app was accessible and usable to all ages. As energy consumption can be tricky to understand, we had to make sure the app design was straightforward, clean and visually pleasing to ensure continuous use.

Together as a cross discipline team coming from UX, design, copy and product ownership we worked together with the clients on 11 design workshops on features they wanted us to focus on.

In each design workshop each member would vote on the micro details and features they liked which would then make it through to the inital design consideration.

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Taking the results of the design workshops, I along with the UX lead put together initial designs and layouts we thought could work as a interactive mobile application.


After designing the backbone of the app, working alongside and art directing a UI designer, together we fleshed out every screen and state needed to create a fully working app. 


Once the designs had been signed off we then carefully exported each feature into Zeplin, with colour coding, style guides, with naming perfection for the developers to start building the app overseas.


In addition to the app we designed a watch app which would compliment the native app. We wanted to focus simply on the current pulse of the home and highlight the cost/usage. Having the pulse animating from the corner created an interesting visual cue to consumption at a glance.

Taking an influence from the EON See app we were asked to thread the same features into their online site. We were asked to purely focus on charting energy usage over time and providing interesting ways for people to save money on their energy consumption. Working with a copywriter, we produced various executions for different types of energy saving tips. This is an example of a guide to sourcing energy efficient lightbulbs.

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