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While at Velocity, I was tasked to work with a newly rebranded client to create a full website. Using the brand guidelines I created a baseplate that is web ready for developers to use as a guide to start building the skeleton of the site.

Group 239.png

Working with the strategy and copy team we worked together to create an insight presentation for ourselves and the client to better understand our users and their needs and began to map their journeys and create a sitemap, Information Architecture and wireframes. We tested out our user journeys with the wireframes to make sure they aligned with our proposed strategy.

0.0 Home.jpg

Having the brand guidelines at hand and the baseplate I created, I then designed and animated 3 concept ideas for the client to choose from, similar content, with different styles and layouts. Using InVisionStudio I was able to animate my Figma designs to add some animation to the page an bring it to life. The branding signifies the ecosystem in which the products are aligned to, to represent an orbit, so using this as a concept I incorporated the shape language to move in such a way it would be in space, spinning, floating and expanding.

Concept 3.gif
Concept 1.gif
Concept 2.gif

The animated mock-up designs helped the client see what the end product would look like, in the end they wanted to be more adventurous with their homepage and went with the third darker route and animation.

Using the baseplate I then created modules which were fit for purpose for each section of the site and created templates in Figma, which could be easily updated and slotted into each design. This is to allow future designers to easily create pages when they need to, without reinventing each time.

Products page
What is Digital Eaas_ page
Product Platform page
Contact us page

The final site was built by the clients in-house team, due to time constraints the final animations were reprioritised, but the overall design concept was adhered to.

Apple iPhone XS Max Space Grey.png
Group 239.png
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