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Google Garage

  Concept Design  

  Art direction  

While at Dalziel and Pow, we continued to support the creation of new stores around the UK to provide free digital skills to those who need that extra helping hand. As a collaborative multi-disciplined team, we have consistently pushed the vision for the stores to be more inclusive, playful and supportive. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.52.35.png

Working alongside a creative tech lead together we developed an opportunity to guide people in their first moments in their Google garage journey. We developed a course selector which would give more insight into each offer.

course selector testing.jpg

Working with the approved idea to bring a course selector to the garage, I worked with the project lead to outline the content requirements, the visitors needs and the functionality needed.

As lo-fi as you could get, we printed out many sizes of screens and buttons to get the right orientation, size and positioning for those in wheelchairs as well as those able to stand and interact with the selector.

Course selector design work.jpg

We used sketch to design, After effects to animate and zeplin to export to developers.


With various options brought forward our project lead in Google wanted a clean, subtle and simple design to ensure visitors with all abilities would be able to use it.


We used Google's bold colours to differentiate each topic and simple design to match the surroundings of where the selector would be placed. Ensuring each touchpoint area was big enough and spacious enough to not interfere at touch.


We kept the journey of the interactions simple and with supportive elements of animation. Each course breakdown had a formula to adhere to, to ensure we did not overwhelm the visitor with too much information.


Working alongside the interiors team we reviews the space and how the selector could be placed.

We made sure we also considered the less abled when using the selector, making sure the screen was visible from a certain height, the trigger buttons at a reachable distance and making sure any support text was readable.

The trainers at the garage have said the course selector has been helpful as an icebreaker to get people engaged as they walk through the door and to guide them through the courses available, they also said people also come in and use it themselves when trainers are occupied to get more insight. We have heard only positive feedback, which is great to hear!

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We worked alongside the Google creative team to incorporate their YET campaign for Google Garage, as consultants we advised the best ways to execute their campaign and how it could materialise, as the digital creative lead I offered ideas on how a photobooth to share your Yet's could be done in the space and to make sure the visitors interests were always the focus.

A showcase of yesterday's yet's were put on view to inspire people to fill out their own.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 13.01.26.png

Working alongside the interiors team we reviews the space and how the selector could be placed.

We wanted to create an integrated backdrop for the photobooth, that was linked to the rest of the store, we incorporated the path line that featured throughout the store into this and to give a boundary for people to stand while holding their yet statements.

Not only did we want to create a space for visitors to feel welcome, we created a space that the staff love to be in and for them to also feel proud of the work they do everyday.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.55.11.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.58.19.png

We created an auditorium which was designed to help the trainers deliver courses they need at ease and to make visitors comfortable and open to learn in a friendly Google space.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 13.01.46.png
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