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  Digital design  

  Concept design  


  Experience design  

  Art direction  


I helped guide, art direct and provide technical insight to several creative teams to aid the design and production of each product page we would deliver to Sony HQ in Japan. We would cover the information hierarchy, copy, illustration and provide sketches for shot lists needed be photographed.


When designing product pages for Sony, some illustrative diagrams are required to describe how each product works. With a house style we adhere to, we still strive to make the illustration style fresh, while maintaining a look that is consistent throughout the site. As the lead designer on the account I would ensure our team would follow the style set out and produce detailed illustrations that showcase the design and technology. Above is an example of an illustration I put together for a Sony headphone page.

Apple iPhone XS Max Space Grey.png

Feel free to see some of the pages I helped Art direct and produce.

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