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Royal Mail

As a long-standing client, we had the privilege to work on numerous new products for Royal Mail. From designing two photography postcard apps designed to get young people posting again, rethinking their corporate website to developing a new chat service.

  Design Oversight  

  Art direction  

  Experience design  

  Digital design  


As the senior designer on the account, I worked to support and lead our design team with the rollout of many projects including app design, agile development, and creation of marketing materials, website and video for several products.



We created a postcard sharing app which inspired a new generation to fall in love with posting again.


Working to support the design team, I ensured the designs created were accessible, pixel perfect, the animations were executed as intended and oversaw the design implementation from design to launch.


To bring the app to life we wanted to create a marketing video, we put together a moodboard to represent the sentiment of the video and the audience it related to.


Working with along side a copywriter, as a creative team we collaborated to produce a vision for a Swapshot's marketing video, we then put together a storyboard and initial script for the video to get buy in from the client for go ahead.


Royal Mail Live Chat


Working together with a UX designer we created the ideal journey's for customers needing to use the live chat feature online. We wanted to give the chat design a fresh look which easy to follow and helpful including features which would be needed during and after a conversation.

Scamp filled - Parcels Page.png

Royal Mail Corporate


Together with a wider team, I helped sketch and put together user stories based on real customer journeys through the Royal Mail Corporate site.

4 - Davide parcels page.jpg
12- Bob parcels page.jpg

Each journey was documented and visualised to show key members in the client presentation our intended customer journeys.

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