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  Product design  

While at Velocity, we were tasked with creating a calculation tool for businesses who need to purchase IOT Devices across the globe.


Working with a set of requirements provided by Sprint and with the support of a developer and the project lead, I worked through the user stories to create a wireframe that encompassed each journey from entry to end.

Once we got the fundamentals in the hand-drawn wireframe, I then continued to create a hi-fi wireframe in sketch and created each journey, from US only, 1 zone only, multiple zones and US and zones as required.


To make sure the journeys worked, we created prototypes using In-Vision and carried out user testing using the journeys we used to create each wireframe. We received a positive response and some great ideas to advance the UI. Once we received feedback from the client we included all the learnings we had from the user testing to make the UX as seamless as possible.


After further testing with the full designs in In-Vision the design was ready to be built and and tested. Once we had sign off from the IOT team at sprint, the page went live. You can take a look at it here.

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