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Caribbean Airlines

  Experience Design  

  Art direction  

  Digital Design  

While at Hugo and Cat we were asked to redesign their current and tired website. We were asked to develop visuals for a mobile-first site and then follow with how it could expand to tablet.


When tasked with the redesign we focused on the colours represented in the current logo as well as colours represented in the Caribbean islands, we looked through hundreds of photos and videos to get the true essence of the islands and selected the right ones to represent the brand. From this we were able to create and identity for the interface design for the site.

Mobile Portrait.jpg

We wanted to transform the site from a text based site to a visual site, we incorporated stunning videos, images and iconography to complement the UI design.

The mobile site also kept the visuals as a key part of the homepage, we made sure the booking element was still prominent without loosing the essence of the islands.

The only way to imagine your potential visit is to see what it could be like. We put together a reel of videos chosen to enlighten a lust to travel to the islands.

Mobile Portrait.jpg

The Caribbean was our core inspiration for the site, we were able to revisit their brand identity and bring forward a new vision including, colours, photography, motion, typography and iconography as a base to bring the site to life and to generate new business with a clearer journey for customers.


Rethinking our approach

While we were looking at the UX of the homepage we were able to consider all journey's visitors may take and to incorporate the necessary sections needed to inspire them.

We brought in simple personalised touches to welcome back loyal customers.

We designed a timeline for an upcoming booking, so the customer could see their step by step itinerary, as well as helpful services that could be of use. Creating specific sections and concentrating on directional layout we were able to work with the hierarchy on the page to give the customer the most logical journey.

Tablet Portrait.jpg
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